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Gay Hitchhiker Stories


Robbie had heard the story from his uncle Charles who said at the time he had heard it from a friend of his. Not by us but too good not to share: His name was Dave Foster and he was a traveling vacuum cleaner salesman.

The Hitchhiker So Gay Hitchhiker Stories have just returned from vacation and would like to share an experience that happened to me along the way. I sometimes like to get off the freeway and drive the back roads looking for hitchhikers. In this and age they're very few and far between, but you can still come across the occasional one! I was on my way back home, driving cross country, when I happened upon a hitchhiker.

One night my friends and...

He was pretty clean cut, younger, and carried a huge hockey bag. I pulled over and popped the trunk for Gay Hitchhiker Stories bag, which he was a bit leery to put in but did, and he hopped in. I found out he was going about miles up the road, the same direction I was going! His name was Kyle and he was 20, on his way to meet his fiance who had Gay Hitchhiker Stories, leaving him to hitchhike. We chatted a bit and I had decided that he wasn't into guys so I didn't bother making a move on him.

We pulled over to eat and as we were in the bathroom standing at the urinals I couldn't help myself but to look over at my young friends cock. He was average, uncut and very low hanging balls.

After a moment of stupidity...

I was imagining what his balls would feel like in my mouth when he suddenly shook his cock and pulled up his bikini style undies. I looked up at his face and he just kind of smiled sheepishly and walked out. I figured I had scared him off by staring at his junk but to my surprise he was sat at a table and motioned for me to come over! We ate and I paid for both meals and we set off again. A few miles up the road Kyle turned to me and asked if I was bi. He already knew I wasn't gay as I had told him about a coupple girls Gay Hitchhiker Stories was in relationships with.

I looked and said yes, asking if he were too. To my surprise he said he was and that he loved sucking cock, which was one reason he liked hitchhiking!

I asked him if he wanted to fool around and of course he replied yes! I started looking for a place to play and as I searched was he asked if he could play around with me while I drove! I nodded and soon felt his hand Gay Hitchhiker Stories down the front of my shorts! I then felt his warm, wet mouth engulf my little dickie and moaned as he flicked his tongue against my head and massaged my balls. I could've pulled over but didn't as I love the fact that people can possibly see whats going on inside my car, and Kyle had such a talented tongue I didn't want to stop for anything!

He reached down with his one hand and slid his finger into my butt crack, as I moaned my approval he Gay Hitchhiker Stories till his finger was at the opening of my poophole! Gay Hitchhiker Stories felt him take it away and "Gay Hitchhiker Stories" the finger moaning his approval of my bum taste and replaced his mouth on my dicklette and his finger up my bum. I was getting close as he shoved the whole length of his finger up inside me and I told him so, which only made him suck harder and frig my ass faster!

I shot my load and he continued sucking until it was all cleaned up, keeping his finger up my ass as well!